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9 Feel-Good Nancy Meyers-Inspired Gifts for Anyone Who Wants to Live Inside a Rom Com

Diane Keaton has entered the chat.

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Long before we core-ified professions, hobbies, and dolls, Nancy Meyers understood the power of having an aesthetic. Her sumptuously outfitted and meticulously written rom-coms (she’s the genius behind The Parent Trap and Something’s Gotta Give, just to name a few) have a very specific look, one that radiates comfort, family, and the utmost certainty that relationship woes and intergenerational conflict will be resolved amicably (and dramatically) before the final act. It’s why we love her and often turn to classics like The Holiday this time of year. The environment she’s cultivated is pure warmth—visually and emotionally—and an open invitation to get comfy, forget your problems, and immerse yourself in her linen-clad world.

Through the various decades, locations, and casts of her films, Nancy Meyers's hallmarks are unmistakable. Everything from set design to costume direction is defined by her sense of luxury, ease, and love for cream accents. Her taste is so specific and so good that even Gen Z is on board, repackaging her vibe as this summer’s Coastal Grandma trend. 

There are, of course, recurring visual elements in her films (e.g., gorgeous kitchens, tasteful landscaping), but the director's touch is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a cozy pullover worn while sipping tea and watching the snow fall in an English stone cottage, an overstuffed couch with your favorite book splayed open on its cushions, or a walk on the beach wearing loose separates while you crack jokes with your on-again-off-again partner. Think of Diane Keaton (so much Diane Keaton) in a cashmere turtleneck smiling at Keanu Reeves. It’s that; whatever that is.

The Nancy Meyers universe is a whole mood, one that I’ve sought to recapture with varying degrees of success every year come November. After all, it’s only lightly fictionalized (I will never get over the outrageous real estate eye candy in The Parent Trap), so with a little bit of trial and error, you, too, can feel (or give) that movie magic. Take it from the filmmaker whose oeuvre is “person with nice things has existential crisis”: These are the creature comforts that will come in handy during a breakup, prolonged work drama, or just a string of bad dates. So draw yourself a bubble bath, break out the cashmere, and tuck in: This is Byrdie’s Nancy Meyers holiday gift guide.

A Yummy Cashmere Sweater

The perfect piece in which to cry about, dump, and eventually get over your terrible ex. Also great for winter weekends abroad.

A Bath Starter Kit

Violette bath set
Violette_FR Chéri(e) Me Gift Set $185.00

Pairs well with a claw-foot tub (if you can get your hands on one). Also pairs well with hijinks and a feel-good oldies playlist.

A Good Book

Michelle Obama The Light We Carry book
Michelle Obama The Light We Carry $17.00

Nancy Meyers loves a woman who’s finding herself. Preorder the latest from Michelle Obama to do just that (or, at least, feel like you are).

All-Linen Everything

Parachute Linen Sheets
Parachute Linen Sheet Set $229.00

I just know Diane Keaton sleeps on linen and will not hear otherwise. Do like Diane does and give the gift of luxurious sheets.

A Cozy Throw Blanket

Beige Throw Blanket
Sferra Basketweave Throw $99.00

There’s nothing Ms. Meyers loves more than a well-outfitted couch. Throw pillows, cushy arms, and a luscious blanket are all essentials.

An Electric Teakettle

White Electric tea kettle
Balmuda The Kettle $135.00

A traditional teakettle is perhaps more Nancy, but we live in the real world. Any tea drinker will tell you that an electric kettle is an absolute game changer, and this Tokyo-designed one certainly looks the part.

A Set of Wine Glasses Because Something’s Gotta Give

glassware set for wine glasses
West Elm Horizon Lead-Free Crystal Glassware Sets $76.00

Perfect for when zany friends come over unannounced. Make sure to keep the merlot party on the big off-white kitchen island and off the cream throw pillows in the living room.

The Right Cooking Dish for Your Nancy Meyers Kitchen

Enameled Cast Iron pot
Cuisinart Classic Enameled Cast Iron $50.00

A big fabulous kitchen is the heart of every great Nancy Meyers film. And at the center of every well-stocked kitchen is a Dutch oven. Get it in blue for the coastal grandmas in your life and in cream for the unlucky-in-love 30-somethings you know.

A Farmer’s Market Basket

large wicker basket for reusable shopping bag
Olli Ella Mosey Basket $80.00

Carrying peak-season tomatoes and farmer’s market kale in this basket is, quite simply, a vibe. Buy one for a friend (and yourself) to live out your best Nancy Meyers harvest season.

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