Holiday Beauty Sparkly Brows, Tinsel Eyes, and Candlelit Skin: The Holiday Makeup Trends to Know in 2022 The After-Dark Issue

Sparkly Brows, Tinsel Eyes, and Candlelit Skin: The Holiday Makeup Trends to Know in 2022

Predictions for the merriest time of year.

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There are so many things to love about the holiday season: attending festive fetes, shopping for presents (for—let’s be honest—ourselves and others), and seeing family and friends. Of course, it’s also the perfect excuse to go extra with your makeup, whether that means applying some serious sparkle or going bold red everything. This year, holiday makeup for 2022 encourages you to do all of that.

“The holidays are here, and what's most exciting about this time are the makeup trends that have taken over social media and are visible in so many spaces,” says makeup artist and content creator Jaleesa Jaikaran. “Holiday parties and home gatherings with friends and family are the places to spot all the trends showing up this holiday season.”

So get your tinsel in with gold brows and adorned lashes, shimmery eyes, and a candlelit glow that will take a sparkling complexion to the next level. After all, it’s not just the holiday lights that should twinkle—your makeup should too.

Read on for the hottest holiday 2022 makeup trends, according to makeup artists.

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Sparkly Statement Brows

Sparkly Statement Brows


Bleached brows have been hot for a while, and the next natural step to me is metallic brows, specifically gold,” says celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder, Founder and CEO of Monika Blunder Beauty. “You can really play it up and choose something sparkly for a fun holiday party look or keep it subtle and shimmery for something more toned-down.” 

To get this look, fill your brows and follow up with a coat of clear brow gel. Blunder loves Kosas Air Brow Clear + Clean Lifting Treatment Eyebrow Gel with Lamination Effect ($24). While the gel is still wet, dust on a shimmery gold shadow, like Pat McGrath Labs Eyedols Eye Shadow in Gold Standard ($13), to give your brows a gilded look. “For something more dramatic, you can also fill your brows with a gold eyeliner instead of your normal brow pencil,” Blunder says. “This trend is great for those who love the bleached-brow trend and want something more dramatic and playful.”

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Classic Red

Classic Red


“Like a traditional angel-topped tree or double-tied bowed present, this one is a holiday classic: bold and merry red lips. As classic as a candy cane,” says Chanel Makeup Artist Tasha Reiko Brown. “Whether perfectly lined or as a blotted-on stain, red lips are the color and energy of the season,” she adds, calling the look the ultimate holiday party go-to. While the look is flattering on everyone, Reiko Brown says that “the trick is finding your perfect red.”

As for application, Reiko Brown suggests starting with moisturized skin. “For long-lasting lips, I like to apply a coordinated shade of lip liner across the entire lip and then add my lip color or stain on top,” she explains. For a light-reflecting red, try Chanel Rouge Allure L’Extrait in 854 ($55). If it’s more of a hydrating formula with a hint of red you’re looking for, Chanel Rouge Coco Baume in In Love ($42) will do the trick. For lips that will last through your office holiday party, opt for a stain with Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Signature ($42). Finally, you can’t go wrong with the classic satin red lip: Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Colour in Pirate ($42).

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Shimmer Eyes

Shimmer Eyes

We’re going for extra shine all the way this holiday. “Whether it’s a chunky multidimensional dark glitter or a bronzed light-reflecting shimmer, the eyes are all about that extra lid radiance,” Jaikaran says. “People are experimenting more with textures, glitters, and colors. The courage to be more creative and step out of comfort zones is becoming the norm as beauty gurus and everyday makeup enthusiasts are sharing their tips and tricks on creating more user-friendly and easier ways to apply eye looks.”

To get the look, Jaikaran recommends applying shadow all over the lid in the same color family as the shimmer or glitter you’ll be applying last. Then apply a glitter primer, especially if you’re using fine glitter or a liquid adhesive, to create more staying power for chunkier glitter formulas. Make sure to cover the entire lid area with the primer, and then apply your glitter to the center of the lid with a flat brush. For hooded eyes, make sure to apply a bit of the glitter above the eye crease but not all the way up to the brow bone.

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Brown Lips

Brown Lips


“It’s a fun spin on the classic dark red lips we always see around the holidays,” Blunder says of the look. “Dark brown works on literally everyone and is dramatic and noticeable but not too extreme.” She recommends her Kissen Lush Lipstick Crayon in Romy ($32) for the perfect brownie batter hue. Just apply like you would a normal lipstick and buff out the edges to keep your lipline soft.

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Sparkle and Shine

Sparkle and shine makeup


“Face gloss is a trend I’m predicting for the holidays,” Reiko Brown says. Think of it as a spin on the megawatt highlights we often see during the holidays. “The modern version is to create a balmy glow with strategic touches of shine highlight with lips, cheeks, or eyes as an accent instead of heavy shimmer on all three,” she adds. The end effect should be an elegant, light-catching glow. Plus, Reiko Brown says that “balm and glow in the colder winter months work perfectly with fall’s matte skin textures, so the look doesn’t read as all over greasy.” 

To get started, fully set your foundation or tint with powder, so your skin rests at a satin or matte texture. On your eyelids, the tops of your cheekbones, and around your outer orbital bones, dust on a healthy helping of a smooth glitter-free highlighter, like the Chanel Éclat Lunaire ($88). Follow up with the Baume Essential Multi-Use Glow Stick ($45) on top of those areas to add an extra-balmy shine that strategically catches the light.

“Lips are left to the player’s choice, but this look is best paired with a classic glossy nude lip to keep the focus skin-centered but have the glossy lip play into the light, reflecting the theme,” Reiko Brown says.

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Graphic Liners

Graphic Liner


“Graphic liners have made their mark through fall and will continue to be a staple throughout the 2022 holiday season because of their sheer ‘wow’ factor–creating ability,” Jaikaran predicts. “Whether your intent is to create a siren eye or add strong artistic flair to the lids, a precise liquid liner is a must.” To achieve perfect symmetry, etch out your desired shape or design with a light-colored cream pencil on each eye. 

Next up, use short strokes to connect and add detail to your lines. To clean and refine edges, use a pointy Q-tip or brush. Jaikaran recommends Mary Kay’s Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen ($18) for “an intense color payoff with a smooth, precise applicator.” To add more festivity to the graphic lines, add a bit of chrome eye pigments or shimmer hues within or around the negative space.

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Tiffany-Blue Eyes

Blue eyes holiday makeup


“Instead of traditional holiday colors like red and green, I love silver and blue tones around the holidays,” Blunder says. “A wash of turquoise across the whole lid is so chic and one of my favorite holiday looks for people who want something fun and bright.” The makeup artist recommends Eye Paint from About Face in Replicant ($16) for a pop of gorgeous color. For a simple but striking eye look, apply the pigment all over your lid, and then buff the edges out with a small brush like Blunder’s Tulip Brush ($28).

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Diffused Jewel Tones

Diffused jewel tones


Want to make an impact this season? In that case, Reiko Brown recommends going for jewel tones to stand out. “For the adventurous in beauty, classic holiday golds and reds aren’t really the pop they desire. Eyes encircled with soft, smudged jewel-toned liners will replace a basic black smoky eye this season.” 

When it comes to options, there are plenty of shades and grades within each color family. “Rich maroon, deep emerald, and smoky plums are my top picks,” says Reiko Brown, but more traditional hues like sapphire and midnight purple are also on the menu.

The makeup artist recommends the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner ($34) to re-create this trend because of its creamy, blendable formula. Plus, it’s also “party-proof” once it’s set. First, line the top of your lids (choose your own thickness and color—the options are endless) and smudge with a small tightly bristled eyeliner brush, such as the Chanel Les Pinceaux de Chanel Eye Contouring Brush No. 203 ($32), into the lash line. Then blend slightly upward for a diffused effect, keeping the liner tight to the lash line.

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Traditional Statement Lips

Traditional Statement Lips


“A powerful, bold color on the lips will forever be a holiday favorite, and I do not think it's going anywhere, especially not this season,” Jaikaran says. She suggests going for a “blue-toned pink” if you’re feeling nostalgic and sultry about your holiday party invites. To ensure your edges are immaculate, use a sharpened creamy liner and line your lips carefully using small strokes to connect the edges of the lip lines neatly.

“A trick to make your pout appear fuller is to line lips from the corners of the mouth and move toward your Cupid's bow and repeat on the bottom lip,” Jaikaran says. Finish with a matching lipstick, applying the color to fill your lips. Finesse your outline with a lip brush to carefully craft crisp edges. For incredible shine and payoff, she recommends the Mary Kay Limited-Edition Vinyl Shine Liquid Lip Set in Bold ($20).

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Tinsel Lashes

Tinsel Eyes holiday makeup


“For some extra sparkle and shine, I think tinsel lashes are so fun for the holidays,” Blunder says. Plus, you can choose your intensity by keeping it subtle with just a few lashes or going all out with a whole falsie strip. “Either way, this is a great option for someone who wants a simple but fun holiday look without worrying too much about bright colors,” she adds. You can DIY your own pair by cutting and gluing pieces of tinsel onto some lashes (Blunder loves the Duo Lash Adhesive in Clear, $7,  for projects like this), or you can opt for a silvery formula like the H&M Glitter Mascara/Eyeliner ($7).

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Mirror-Finish Lips

Mirror Finish Lips


“Bright lips are a holiday staple, but this year’s bright will be in updated textures,” Reiko Brown says. Specifically, high-shine formulas are the look of the moment, like the Chanel Rouge Allure L’Extrait ($55). “You get the intensity of heavy pigment but also the light reflection of the typically added gloss all in one long-wear formula,” says Reiko Brown. Think of it as the edgy, latex version of your classic red lipstick. 

To get the look, prep your lips with a plumping primer like the Chanel Le Lift Soin Lèvres et Contours ($90) to start with a matte base. Apply your lip color in two layers, blotting in between. For a defined edge, use a coordinating lipliner along the vermillion border of the mouth. Pair with a bit of highlighter to make your lips the star or go for a glossy lid for ultraslick glam.

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Color in Your Lower Lashes

Color in your lower lashes


“The lower lash line has been getting some love this season,” Jaikaran explains. “People are opting to go beyond the traditional liner moments to buff in a combination of colored shadows to the bottom lash area of the eye.” It’s a striking version of your classic black lower liner that still defines and adds depth to the area. 

With a pointed smudge brush, dip into a pigmented color like a deep purple and apply it close to the lash line to get in on the trend. Smudge and gently buff the color along the placement area for a smoked-out look. Then, with a clean smudge brush, dip your brush in a lighter shade or alternative hue (like adding bright pink to a dark purple base) just underneath your first layer. Repeat the same technique, smudging and smoking along the application area to reveal a beautifully layered lower lash line.

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Candlelit Glow

Candlelit Glow


There’s something universally warm and inviting about this time of year, and in 2022, holiday beauty trends are aiming to match that energy. “My favorite holiday look embodies that spirit—softly glowing skin that makes you radiate, almost as if you’re lit from within by candlelight,” says Blunder. 

As you might imagine, pulling off this look is all about building a beautiful base. “I make sure my skin is prepped really well and extra hydrated,” explains Blunder. “I’ll start with my moisturizer, Undercover Créme ($95), [and] then layer a salve or oil overtop for extra glow. I’ll use Blunder Cover ($52), working in layers to build up the coverage in areas I need it.” It’s all about skin that looks like skin, so “the dewy skincare underneath will really shine.” Of course, feel free to add a liberal amount of blush (Blunder recommends her own Liquid Flush Cheek Tint, $28) and opt for a luminous setting powder like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder ($50) to bring in a soft glow.

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