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We're here to help you in your good-hair journey—whatever that means to you. Want tips on how to transition to natural hair? We got you. What about the best curling iron that’s actually worth your money? We asked the pros to share their favorites. Whatever hair concern you have (or even if you’re just looking for some color/cut inspiration), you’ve come to the right place.
Byrdie editor Bella Cacciatore with waveformers in her hair and with resulting waves
How to Use Waveformers to Get Voluminous Heatless Waves

Woman with red manicure applying lotion to legs
Do Those Hair Minimizing Lotions Actually Work? We Asked Dermatologists for Their Thoughts

The Art of Shaving straight razor with wooden handle on leather cushion
Shavettes vs. Straight Razors: Everything You Need to Know

Madison Bailey wears natural curls at golden hour
15 Easy, Breezy Beach Hairstyles for Your Next Getaway

Back view of woman with cool brown hair and warm honey highlights
The Best Cool and Warm Hair Colors to Make Any Shade Your Own

Hannah Godwin with a champagne blonde blowout
20 Champagne-Toned Hair Ideas for the Lazy Blonde

woman combing wet hair
Is Your Hair Fine or Thin? Here's How to Tell the Difference

bubbles in orange liquid
Sodium Trideceth Sulfate for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Doja Cat wears a high '90s ponytail with bangs and multicolored butterfly clips
10 Butterfly Clip Hairstyles That Embody '90s Cool

Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner on palm leaf shadow background
Wen Haircare: Brand Review and 6 Standout Products

woman with shiny hair on textured background
Bond Builders Can Strengthen Damaged, Color-Treated Hair

Oil texture with bubbles on yellow background
Canola Oil May Be the Key to Healthy, Hydrated Hair

woman holding ends of curly hair
QQ: Will Trimming My Hair Make It Grow Faster?

haircare ingredients white powder and gel
What Is Methylisothiazolinone and Why Is It In My Shampoo?

Flat Iron Temperature
Flat Iron Temperature 101: Pick the Right Setting for You

drop of clear gel on blue background
Panthenol for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

emily algar after using biosilk silk therapy original
Biosilk Silk Therapy Is My Secret to "Liquid" Hair

Close up of a woman grabbing her wet, wavy red hair.
Salicylic Acid for Hair: Benefits and How to Use

Wavy Hairstyles for Men Marlon Teixera
The Best Wavy Hairstyles for Men to Try in 2022 and Beyond

Wolf Cuts Curly Hair Stephanie Beatriz
Wolf Cuts for Curly Hair: What You Need to Know

Up close of a woman touching her hairline.
Scalp Micropigmentation: What You Need to Know

Lasers for Hair Regrowth Treatment Cap
Lasers for Hair Regrowth: Experts Share Their Insights

Kevin Murphy Brand Review Best Products
Kevin Murphy: Brand Review and 8 Standout Products

Ceramides for Hair
Ceramides for Hair: Benefits and How to Use Them

Beard Balm
Beard Balms Will Upgrade Your Grooming Regimen

woman with smooth long hair on silky background
Hair Rebonding: Is the Smoothing Treatment Safe?

Close up of a woman's hairline as she pulls her hair into a ponytail.
Hairline Microblading: Everything You Need to Know

woman washing her curly hair with shampoo
Shampoos For Scalp Psoriasis: A Complete Guide

A drop of blue liquid on a blue background.
Blue Tansy For Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Woman grabbing her hair above her head.
QQ: How Long Can My Hair Grow In a Month?

Baobab seed, fruit and oil
Baobab for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

woman detangling ends of hair with wooden brush
Silica for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

cream gel and oil
Dipropylene Glycol for Hair: What It Is and How to Use It

woman with shiny long hair
Black Cumin Seed Oil Is Essential for Longer, Stronger Hair

Bob with Bangs Styles Yara Shahidi
How to Style a Bob with Bangs: 12 Ways to Freshen Up Your Look

Woman with her hands in her fluffy auburn hair
How to Use Dry Shampoo, According to Dermatologists

Springs of rosemary on a white background.
Rosemary Tea for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

woman with gray hair on cloudy sky background
All Your Questions About Gray Hair, Answered

woman with hand on hairline and glitter on face
Thinning Hair at Your Temples? Experts Explain Why

woman with braided ponytail
Burdock Root for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Close up of the pulp of a caviar lime.
Caviar Lime for Hair: Benefits and How to Use

A woman with an afro, dyed red, with her hand in her hair.
Sulfur Is an Ingredient Worth Knowing for Anyone With Dry Hair

Close up of a dropper with pale yellow liquid on a blush background.
Peanut Oil Just Might Be the Hair Oil You Didn't Know You Needed

woman combing hair with crystal comb
Can Creatine Cause Hair Loss? We Investigate

vibrating flat iron
Vibrating Flat Irons: Hair Pros on if They Actually Work

Citrus fruits on a white background.
Vitamin C for Hair: Benefits and How to Use

Behind view of a woman with voluminous red hair.
Dextrin for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Woman brushing hair.
Niacin for Hair: Benefits and How to Use

Close up of a grapefruit cut in half in sunlight.
Grapefruit Oil Is a Must-Know For Anyone With Dandruff

White cream swatches on a clear block, with a purple background.
Babassu Oil for Hair: Benefits and How to Use

A yellow liquid in a petri dish with a dropper.
Jasmine Oil For Hair: Benefits and How to Use

kristen stewart wearing two different hairstyles
Kristen Stewart's 30 Best Hair Moments of All Time

Caesar Haircut Ideas Zac Efron
18 Ways to Rock a Caesar Haircut for a Modern Classic Look

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29 Classic 1950s Men's Hairstyles You Can Still Rock Today

Man Bun Hairstyles
20 Byrdie-Approved Ways to Rock a Man Bun

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These 15 Tom Hardy Hairstyles Are the Ultimate Grooming Inspiration

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Thiamine Boosts Hair Health From the Inside Out—Here's How

Portrait of WOC with Natural Hair
How to Refresh Curly Hair Between Wash Days, According to a Hairstylist

The Art of the Stubble: How to Maintain the Perfect 5 O'Clock Shadow

facial hair
5 of the Best Mustache Styles (and How to Pick the One for You)

Woman with curly hair
12 Types of Perms, Explained

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17 Ribbon Hairstyles to Wear for Any Occasion

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18 Celebs Who Have Pulled Off the Retro-Inspired Flow Haircut

15 Times Harry Styles Proved He Was a Hair Icon