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The After-Dark Issue

A celebration of Kate Hudson, camaraderie, and the glitzy, excess-oriented spirit of the holidays.

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Letter from the Editor

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Ah, the holidays. This season is always one of my favorites each year, as it’s filled with dressing up, letting loose, and dousing everything in tinsel (both literally and silver-lining my disposition). Our fingers are crossed that we’ll be able to have all the parties and wear all the sparkles we want, marking a return to going out that’s decidedly more cheerful (and safe) than it was last year.

Enter: The After-Dark Issue. This theme has always been a dream of mine to create and, in doing so, it fulfilled all those glitzy, glamorous fantasies—with the inimitable Kate Hudson in tow. There is no one better to cover an issue about having fun than the ever-smiling star of too many of our favorite movies to list here. I encourage you to peruse the cool, fun, and sexy images and read our interview about how Kate is the master of doing both: running a vodka brand and a workout line at the same damn time. That’s balance, baby!

In the issue, you’ll find stories about notable holiday trends, what to wear on New Year’s Eve, and how to accessorize a night spent at home. Created in partnership with Lunya and their famous Considered Restwear, we’re bringing you every silky, comfy-cozy piece to make your couch feel like a throne (you can gift them or keep ’em for yourself—we won’t tell).

We’re offering deep dives into the meaning of the “going out top”—you know the one—and the enduring allure of party-girl style. There are also gift guides, editors’ picks, and tips to keep your makeup from melting all night long. Welcome to the holiday season, friends. We’re happy to guide you through it.

— Hallie Gould, Senior Editorial Director

On the Cover

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Kate Hudson Is Right Where She Needs to Be

“My nickname is Birdie,” Kate Hudson says straight-faced when I ask if she believes in fate. I immediately catch her meaning: There are enough coincidences during our cover shoot with the 43-year-old actress to make a believer out of a cynic. You see, the name Birdie (or Byrdie) bears a triple meaning for Hudson. It’s a term of endearment to her family, a homophone for the publication she’s about ...

On the Cover

The B-Side

We're flipping the script and spotlighting the geniuses behind these looks.

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Get to Know Kate's Glam Team: Hairstylist Gregory Russell and MUA Tonya Brewer

Holiday Beauty

The After Dark Edit