This Facial Uses 24K Gold Magnets to Sculpt and Repair Your Skin–And I Tried It

Qi Beauty Facial before and after

Olivia Hancock / Design by Tiana Crispino

When it comes to facials, I'm pretty game to try just about anything. My most recent treatment? A Synergistic Signature Qi Facial (yes, it's as interesting as it sounds). A few weeks ago, I eagerly ventured over to Madalaina Conti's Manhattan studio to experience the treatment. Conti is one of the few U.S. estheticians that offers Synergistic Qi Facials—and is the only one in New York doing so. 

The treatment aims to reset and repair your skin at the cellular level. During the service, Conti applies 24k gold-plated gauss specific micromagnets in a custom matrix to help address specific skin concerns. The before and after photos on Conti's Instagram showcase the facial's powerful depuffing, decongesting, and draining benefits. So, needless to say, I couldn't wait to see my post-treatment results. Read on for my honest experience with the Synergistic Qi Facial.

Meet the Expert

Madalaina Conti is a New York- based Licensed Esthetician specializing in inflammatory skin conditions and integrated wellness. She is a Certified Acne Specialist with two ITEC Advanced Esthetics diplomas and is the first practitioner to bring quantum esthetics Qi Beauty™ to NYC.

What Is a Synergistic Qi Facial?

Qi Beauty is an Australian-based skincare brand that draws upon quantum technology and acupuncture philosophy. The brand's hero product is its micromagnets (or trans-dermal patches), which are also the star of the Synergistic Qi Facial. Essentially, they work to excite cellular activity. This process can help support healthier cell turnover, boost hydration, and increase absorption of the moisturizers and serums applied during treatment. 

"In my signature facial, I utilize Qi Beauty techniques customized per each client, along with a sculpting and drainage massage and Gua Sha to aid the process," Conti notes. "24K gold plated micro magnets are applied to the skin to create a custom electromagnetic matrix. We are generating the energy or 'qi' required for biological recovery. Cell-to-cell communication is restored, which reminds the skin how to function optimally, which means we can reverse any number of concerns."

Conti says she was immediately drawn to the Qi Beauty Synergistic Qi Facial because it offers a non-injurious way to heal the skin and treat any concern (in other words, the treatment doesn't cause any trauma or require downtime). "Many treatments on the market that claim similar results require creating controlled damage to the skin to trigger a healing response, which isn't good long term," she notes. 

Benefits of a Synergistic Qi Facial

  • Improves skin balance and functionality
  • Reduces inflammation and redness
  • Help clear breakouts
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Plumps and volumizes the skin

Conti says you'll notice a difference in your skin after the first facial, but consistent treatments will provide longer-lasting results as cellular, and muscular memory builds. "The biggest thing you'll notice is a reduction in inflammation and redness," she adds. "It significantly reduces water retention, re-densifies, and firms the tissue, reduces fine lines, and builds volume where needed. It can also detoxify and clear breakouts. On top of that, it puts your body into a parasympathetic state (rest and repair) due to the energy meridians we tap into, so you're bound to have the best night's sleep following." 

How to Prepare for a Synergistic Qi Facial

Conti recommends not using any exfoliants or prescription topicals 1-3 days before treatment. Based on my experience, I'd also suggest wearing your hair down, as the treatment includes a scalp massage.

What to Expect During a Synergistic Qi Facial

Qi Beauty facial before and after

Olivia Hancock / Design by Tiana Crispino

Conti begins each treatment with an in-depth consultation. She asks questions about your skin, health, and lifestyle to understand the factors contributing to your skin's current condition. From there, she begins the treatment. She used a mixture of iS Clinical and Qi Beauty products throughout my service. Conti started by cleansing and massaging my face to warm up the tissue. Then, she applied the micromagnets, which have to sit on your skin for about 20-25 minutes. My customized matrix focused on depuffing areas like my chin and jaw. 

"We use different patterns depending on the client's goals and what I'm seeing during my analysis," Conti says. "I use the face as a map to guide us on placement. A deep intuitiveness comes with it, but in short, there are specific patterns to build volume, drain fluid, plump fine lines, etc."

Qi Beauty Facial

Olivia Hancock

While we waited for the magnets to work their magic, Conti treated me to a neck, chest, and scalp massage. Sometimes, Conti will incorporate LED to boost results, but she didn't use it on me this visit. To finish, she applied a cocktail of serums and moisturizers to my skin.

The Cost 

Conti's Synergistic Signature Qi Facial costs $250 for 60 minutes. However, she also offers an Advanced Qi Facial, which costs $300 for 75 minutes. What's the difference between the two? The latter involves additional micromagnets to address more advanced conditions and lift from a deeper level.

Potential Side Effects

Since the Synergistic Qi Facial focuses on lowering inflammation, Conti says side effects are not common. However, there are a few reasons why someone should avoid this treatment. The contraindications include: people with a gold allergy, pregnancy, botox within the last two weeks, fillers within the last four weeks, pacemakers, active cold sores, cancer, chemotherapy or radiation, active infections, lymphedema, or antibiotics.


Conti says the key to maintaining post-facial results is to drink plenty of water, so I made sure to do so in the hours and days following my treatment. "Cells need water to function optimally, so the more hydrated you are, the better the result," she says. "It'll also help the body's process of flushing toxins for several hours after the treatment. Many clients notice even better results the next morning."

Conti also recommends using one of Qi Beauty's at-home kits to extend results between treatments. The brand's At-Home Kit ($149) comes with 50 treatments—which can be applied to create the 12-point Anti-Age Matrix, Lip Lift Matrix, and Eye Lift Matrix. 

The Final Takeaway

My skin was dry and dull when I arrived at Conti's studio. I was hoping I'd walk out of the treatment with plumper, more hydrated skin. Conti handed me a mirror at the end of my facial, and I was beyond pleased with the results. My face appeared a bit more sculpted and lifted, particularly around my jawline. My skin was also visibly more radiant, dewy, and hydrated. 

After experiencing the Synergistic Qi Facial, I can confirm that it is more than just another treatment. It's a relaxing, restorative experience that gives your skin the TLC it needs. I'll definitely be returning for subsequent treatments.

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