Nicola Peltz Beckham's Birkin Bangs and Red Lipstick are the Epitome of French Chic


Nicola Peltz Beckham

Nicola Peltz Beckham 

If you need inspo for all things luxury, Nicola Peltz Beckham is the perfect person to turn to, as her style exudes ‘90s elegance. Although she’s been on a classic glam kick with her beauty (see: her perfect French mani), she recently added an edge to her daily look, with her new(ish) Birkin bangs.

On January 5, Peltz Beckham shared a series of selfies that show her embracing her husband, Brooklyn Beckham, and her friend ans creative director of GCDS, Giuliano Calza. In her selfie with Calza, Peltz Beckham wears a pink tank top, and in in the pic with her boo, she wears a fluffy black robe and stud earrings while holding onto Beckham’s face, showing off both the bright red kiss marks she left on his cheeks and her lengthy firetruck red manicure.

Peltz Beckham has worn several hair colors over the years, ranging from blonde to jet black and various shades in between. Recently she's been wearing a deep brown shade, giving her stamp of approval to the chocolate brown hair color that’s trending this winter. The real showstopper here, however, is her bangs.

Now, Peltz Beckham is no stranger to bangs, and has been wearing them since her initial transition to brown hair in August 2022. Still, over the past few months, Nicola has been sweeping her bangs to the side, creating a baby curtain bang look. Over the past few weeks, though, she’s jumped back on board to the Birkin bang (though she's been hiding them under a headband) with a straight across pair, as well as face-framing pieces on either end of the bang that blends into the rest of her hair.

If you’re in desperate need of a hair change, consider opting for Birkin bang like Nicola's. Getting bangs for the first time in what feels like forever seems daunting, but the trick to nailing the haircut is finding a hairstylist who knows their way around a pair of scissors. “Always go a little longer than you think at first, as they will bounce upwards,”  Justine MarjanTresemmé Global Stylist, previously told Byrdie.

The beauty about Birkin bangs is that although they may seem like a drastic change, they feature a slight taper down towards either end of the bangs, meaning that they’ll quickly grow out into curtain bangs if you’re not feeling the finished result. To go full force recreating Peltz Beckham’s look, run a flat iron through your bangs a few times for an ultra-sleek finish, and don't forget the red lipstick.

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