20 Ways to Try Baby Bangs That Are Actually Wearable

Ruth Negga wears a curly updo with baby bangs

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It seems every trendsetting starlet and influencer got the same memo about their hair: The micro baby bang is back, and we think it's here to stay. It's bold, super short, and adds so much drama to your 'do. While you'll want to consider your hair type, lifestyle, and face shape before making the chop, we only see these as fringe details when it comes to this statement-making, versatile look.

We tapped two professional hairstylists to discuss how to maintain this trending style in all of the varied ways it can be worn. Keep reading for their expert advice and 20 of our favorite baby bangs hairstyles.

Meet the Expert

  • Nick Stenson is a professional hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador.
  • Cynthia Alvarez is a professional hairstylist and Biolage brand ambassador.
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Brushed Out

Solange with curly hair and baby bangs

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"Baby bangs for curly hair are best styled naturally or with the diffuser attachment of a blow dryer," Stenson says. To help your natural curl hold its shape, he recommends:

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Trend Setting

Bella Hadid with sleek, straight baby bangs


Let's get real: If Bella Hadid has worn the look, it's worth taking the style for a test spin. "Bella Hadid slays baby bangs, per usual," Alvarez says. "Her face shape is sharp and pairs nicely with these dramatic bangs." Be sure to talk to your stylist and consider your face shape and natural features when selecting a length and bang style.  

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Tightly Curled

Ruth Negga wears a curly high bun hairstyle with baby bangs

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"I love [baby bangs] on wavy to curly hair because the texture drives me wild," Alvarez says. Her main tip for maintaining your texture in a baby bang style:

  • "Apply a leave-in spray like Biolage's Strength Recovery Repairing Spray ($24)," she says. You want to use a product that will help combat frizz without compromising definition and movement.
  • Allow hair to air dry, or speed things up with your diffuser attachment.
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Side Split

Rooney Mara with split baby bangs

Francois Durand / Getty Images

If your hair naturally splits into a side part, don't fight it. Baby bangs look très chic when split, be it naturally or on purpose. "If the hair doesn’t lay as you want it, you can use flat duckbill clips to hold the root in place until it dries," Stenson advises.

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Thick, Wavy Pixie

Winnie Harlow with a pixie haircut and baby bangs


Who says your bangs have to be the only shorties in your 'do? Winnie Harlow's thick, wavy pixie is proof that cropped cuts are a fun and statement-making style to wear with your baby bangs.

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Contrasted Length

Ariana Grande with blonde baby bangs


Ariana Grande's baby bangs look even shorter against her extra-long, straight strands. To maintain this level of dramatic contrast, Stenson recommends trimming your bangs every three weeks, noting that without a trim, your micro bangs could last you no more than two to three months.

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Choppy Ends

Marion Cotillard wears an updo with feathered baby bangs

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To get choppy ends on your micro fringe, ask your stylist to use a feather razor for that perfectly imperfect edge. Straighter textures will have an easier time wearing this type of style without daily maintenance and effort.

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Pin Curled

FKA Twigs wears a cropped haircut with pin-curled baby bangs and a hat

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When it comes to wearing this look, "FKA Twigs is a favorite of mine," Alvarez says. "She’s so edgy and has a unique take on her baby bangs." Here, the artist wears her shortly snipped fringe in a pin-curled style.

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Emma Watson wears a low updo with baby bangs with split part

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High-maintenance or not, we're in full support of any hair look this bold and iconic. We're pretty sure Emma Watson's baby bangs will forever be one of the most frequently cited bang images of our time.

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Straight but Wavy

Joan Smalls wears a tousled bob with wavy lengths and straight baby bangs

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Don't let the length of your fringe be the only contrast in your hairstyle. Playing with texture is another great way to make this already bold look pop for a more dramatic statement.

  • Rough-dry your hair with a nozzle attachment, lightly shaking your bangs in each direction, and lifting the roots throughout your hair for lift.
  • Use your favorite curling iron or wand in alternating directions throughout the hair.
  • Apply a mini flat iron on medium heat to your baby bangs, gently following the curvature of your head to give them a natural fall.
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Side-Swept Flapper Style

Sofia Boutella wears a wavy long bob hairstyle with side-swept baby bangs and black lace headband

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Doing a side-swept style is a great option for your baby bangs if you decide you want to grow them back out. Pairing them with a flapper-inspired headband doesn't hurt, either. To wear your baby bangs in a side-swept fashion, here's what Alvarez suggests:

  • Blow dry your bangs using a paddle brush.
  • Finish by spraying some Biolage All-In-One Intense Dry Shampoo ($24) to prevent the bangs from getting oily.
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Short All Over

Jessie Buckley wears a micro bob hairstyle with baby bangs

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Hair texture, lifestyle habits, and face shape were just a few of the top considerations our experts pointed out when thinking about getting baby bangs. As Jessie Buckley shows us, fine hair and a sharp chin or jawline can easily give this coveted hairstyle a wake-up-and-go kind of vibe.

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Naturally Textured Bob

Sophia Roe wears a short curly bob hairstyle with baby bangs

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Lots of texture means lots of moisture, and with the right products, your natural curls could really thrive in any cut with some low-maintenance styling, baby bangs included. Alvarez recommends using Biolage's Strength Recovery Repairing Leave-In Spray and a drop of All-In-One Multi-Benefit Oil ($24) to finish.

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Retro Updo

Lady Gaga wears sleek platinum baby bangs, a retro updo, and dramatic eyeshadow

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Leave it to Lady Gaga to modernize a retro 'do and make it not only desirable but approachable. Blending a subtle beehive updo with these Bettie-Page inspired straight baby bangs have us rethinking what other '50s trends are in need of a revival.

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Blunt and Heavy

Beyonce wears long, tousled hair with baby bangs

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Thick, wavy strands are great for recreating a blunt, heavy set of baby bangs, which create the perfect complement to Beyoncé's style here.

  • While the hair is still damp, "Apply Biolage's Ultra Hydra Source Leave-In Cream ($22)," Alvarez says.
  • Follow up with the brand's Smoothing Shine Milk ($21) to help fight frizz and lock in moisture.
  • Blow dry using a boar bristle brush.
  • Use a flat iron as the final touches to smoothing out your style. This will really emphasize its weight and give it that blunt feel.
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Show-Stopping Detail

Zoe Kravitz wears an updo with baby bangs with a centered single pin curl

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Zoë Kravitz takes this head-turning style and gives it a '20s-inspired tweak with this pin curl detail shining front and center.

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Elegant Glam

Sydney Chandler wears a curled bob hairstyle with baby bangs

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"When styling baby bangs on straight hair, it’s important to keep the root direction in mind," Stenson says.

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Piece-y Wisps

Kat Graham wears piece-y baby bangs with a long rope braid hairstyle

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If you have wispy baby bangs that aren't extremely blunt or heavy, try wearing them in a piece-y style, as seen on Kat Graham.

  • "Prep the hair with Biolage's Hydra Daily Leave-In Tonic ($22)," Alvarez says.
  • "Use a pomade to style and separate once the bangs are dry."
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Fun and Flirty

Penelope Cruz wears a blown-out ponytail with blunt baby bangs

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A fun and flirty ponytail may add to baby bangs' youthful appearance, but there's truly no age limit to wearing this look, as Penelope Cruz showed us on the 2019 Met Gala red carpet.

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Built-in Bangs

Kate Hudson wears a blonde pixie cut with baby bangs

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For a more subtle, soft baby bang that doesn't strike as much of a contrast, opt for a pixie cut. Many pixie styles basically come with built-in baby bangs you won't have to think twice about.

  • How often do baby bangs need to be trimmed?

    "It's all about preference," Stenson says. "Baby bangs last, on average, two to three months. If you prefer a softer fringe look, I suggest getting a trim every two to three weeks. If you prefer a more dramatic, fuller-length look, you can trim every three weeks."  

  • Can you trim baby bangs yourself at home?

    For overgrown baby bangs or uneven pieces, Stenson recommends you only trim at home if "you have a shearling pair of scissors to cut with, to create a softer edge." Otherwise, it's best to see your stylist at a regular appointment.

  • Which haircuts go best with baby bangs?

    Any type of bob, shag, mullet, or pixie works especially well with baby bangs, according to Alvarez. Longer lengths without too much layering can pair particularly well with them, too.

  • What hair type works best for baby bangs?

    Stenson says that this style can work on any hair type or texture.

  • What facial features will baby bangs accentuate?

    Baby bangs can help to highlight your jawline, brow line, and cheekbones.

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