The Figure Skater Fashion Trend Is the Perfect Way to Bring Balletcore Into Winter

Unleash your inner ice princess.

Woman wearing earmuffs

Emi Jay

If 2022 was defined by anything, it was TikTok's need to core-ify pretty much everything, turning ordinary outfits into a defined aesthetic, with a clicky (though admittedly silly) name to boot. While the cores were all over the map—bloke, mermaid, rom-com—the most overarching and mainstream trend of the year was, without a doubt, balletcore.

Balletcore—and her edgy little sister Ballerina Sleaze—had us all cosplaying as Black Swan's Nina Sayers, swapping chunky sneakers for dainty ballet flats and denim for wrap skirts and leg warmers. According to fashion platform Lyst, Miu Miu's satin version of the flat was the most popular shoe of 2022, and celebrities like Sydney Sweeney hit the red carpet in ballet-inspired looks. Even if you're not into the vibe of the aesthetic, dancerly fabrics like mesh and spandex likely trickled into your wardrobe in some way.

Here's the problem though—the look is best suited for the warmer months, from the short skirts to the pink color palette. No worries, though, as there's an equally feminine aesthetic perfect to carry you through the cold winter: figure skater fashion.

Like balletcore, figure skating sits perfectly at the intersection of feminine and sporty. Skaters, like dancers, are top-of-the-line athletes, and yet their sport celebrates elegance and grace. This is reflected in the dichotomy of figure skater fashion—training clothes are generally more on the sporty side: think flared leggings, cropped hoodies and jackets, wrap tops with gloves and headbands. On the flip side, costumes worn during a performance are brightly colored, jewel-encrusted, and borrow from classic ballet silhouettes of a leotard, short skirt, and tights.

While you could go realistic with your look with a pair of black yoga pants, layered long sleeves, shorts over tights, and a pair of Uggs, there's also the "coquette-ified" version creeping into TikTok and Instagram that's more of a fantasy take on the trend. This version swaps the bright color palette for wintery pastels like icy blue and cream and adds balletcore elements like mini skirts paired with leggings, wrap sweaters, cozy knits, and of course, pastel earmuffs and scarves.

Now, this look may be more at home for a picture at Rockefeller center than rehearsing a routine, but it sure is cute (and cozy).

As for beauty, figure skating is also rife with inspiration. Take, for instance, the sculpted buns worn on the ice, usually with more twists and braids than traditional ballerina buns. Gigi Hadid and Devon Lee Carlson have both been seen sporting rose-shaped twisted buns that would look just as good at the Olympics as they did on the red carpet.

For an even more authentic touch, be sure to add a scrunchie that perfectly matches the rest of your outfit. And for makeup, skaters were rocking eye gems and glitter way before the Euphoria girlies. (Though Cassie's ice skating fantasy from season one blends the best of both worlds).

No matter which way you interpret the trend, you're going to want to unleash your inner ice princess all winter long.

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