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We're back with our second-annual beauty lover's paradise: The Byrdies! Yet again, we're spotlighting the best in beauty with our biggest, most comprehensive roundup of award-winning products yet. After testing hundreds—if not thousands—of products throughout the year, our 10 editors came together with six beauty experts to choose over 100 winners. You’ll find brand-new launches along with time-tested favorites, as well as a spotlight on the people who have shape-shifted the beauty space through influence, innovation, artistry, education, and medical expertise. Together, each one has made an indelible mark on our routines in 2022. Below, find the process we used to select winners, what our tags mean, and an introduction to our knowledgeable guest judges.

We selected winners based on three categories:

Efficacy: Does the product do what it promises?

Overall value: How long does it last? Do the results feel worth the price? Did we use it until it was empty? How much joy does it bring us?

That special something: Sometimes, it's hard to tell why you love a product. The texture, the scent, the ritual of applying it—it all adds up to that magical falling-in-love feeling when you find a new formula or finish one you've loved for a long while. We took those sparkly memories into account when choosing our winners. Beauty is supposed to be fun, experimental, and personal after all.

We know the beauty space can be confusing to navigate, so we’re making it easy with our tagging feature. With these tags, you'll instantly see which of our winners are vegan; cruelty-free; Black-, AAPI-, or Latinx-owned; if they invest in sustainable practices; and/or if they have a charitable element. That way, it's easier to be intentional with the way you shop and find brands that hold the same values you do.Consider The Byrdies a celebration of everything and everyone we adore in the industry. Now go find a new favorite—we insist.

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Meet The Guest Judges

Get to know the six beauty experts who helped select our winners.